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Have you seen this other Haitian blog called ThisIsNotHaiti? Apparently they feel that the things you post are stereotypes, I personally dont believe that, but I think its rude and arrogant for them to reblog post that are meant to be funny then say a bunch of negative shit. P.S. Keep posting, give the haters something to talk about, I as well as many other people love and relate to this blog!

To each his own. When I first started this blog I wanted to find other Haitians who could relate to me and the things my parents would say to me.  I had 3 followers for a long time. Then I decided to post the things my parents would tell me or things my friends and I could relate to. Several post and now well over 850 followers, this blog has gone further than I ever could have imagined. I get reblogs, and comments all the time from Haitian and non-Haitian folks who can relate to many things I post. Not everyone find what I post humorous and that’s absolutely fine.

Spotlight: BuddyBillz

If you are not up on game, I just put you up.
BuddyBillz is a comedic genius simply because he showcases all of the things we deal with as people with Haitian parent. When we go through it, it damn sure isn’t funny, but to see someone reenact it damn sure makes you laugh and say, “This my mom/dad or nah?” His videos are hilarious and I now know that my Haitians(parents) are not the only ones who do these things.

This is one instagram follow, you wont regret! Follow @BUDDYBILLZ

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how do you do this to a haitian

my thoughts exactly ^^ lol

Ou pa ka menm lave kilòt ou men ou vle yon neg? Al chita yon kote!
Haitian Proverb
[You cant even wash ya panties but you want a man? Go sit down somewhere!]
Said to fast ass little girls
Rete trankil
Haitian Proverb
Mwen pa timoun ki rete avè ou!
Haitian Proverb
[Im am not your child!]
Stated when you get slick at the mouth
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